Salome Interactive Installation (2015)

Within the framework of the net:25 conference, Oliver Hödl and and me had the chance to deploy interactive Art installations following the invitation of Prof. Peter Reichl. The conference was celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Internet in Austria and for this reason the State Opera House live broadcasted Richard Strauss’s Salome into the Vienna University’s great ballroom, where the conference was held. In a smaller ballroom (next to the great one) Oliver and me setup a couple of sensor chairs that controlled the projection of an  animated moon (note, the moon plays a central role within the Salome opera). Below the projected moon, we installed a large TV set featuring the livestream of the State Opera House. We invited the visitors of the conference to take a seat - whenever a seat was newly taken, the color of the moon changed, and it changed its direction towards the person who most recently took a seat.


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