OpenDock - Proposal (2015)

OpenDock is a research proposal submitted by Özge Subasi and me. Unfortunately, it hasn't been successful yet :-/ Nevertheless, the concept is not bad :-D

In a nutshell, the idea is to create open designs for phone and tablet docking stations, which extend these proprietary devices by adding additional functions such as extra buttons or RFID readers. These extra buttons etc., again, can be customized easily by non-experts (i.e., functions can be assigned to them) with a corresponding phone/tablet application. This allows, for example, to have a big extra button that will bring the user back to the home screen. And, an additional one that opens the weather broadcast. There is a large number of interesting use or configuration cases for this kind of setup, as it is technically feasible to call many different applications and functions of phones/tablets by means of OpenDock. It is planned to provide a downloadable version of OpenDock (both software and 3D models for the hardware) to allow interested people to replicate or modify it.

OpenDock can be considered as the open and customizable successor of the Tablet Companion. Check out Özge's and my concept video below.