PhD Work


Thanks for your interest in my projects. You have arrived at the pages where I showcase the prototypes and applications that I have created for the fulfillment of my PhD in Interaction Design/Human-Computer Interaction (graduation November 2014). The presented work can also be considered as my portfolio as an interaction design researcher. All displayed concepts, photos, illustrations, prototyped and programmed interactive systems, etc., are selections of my own work. Contributions by colleagues and friends are marked as such on the portfolio pages.

As evident from the many different proposed systems and applications, practical hands-on prototyping, software engineering, creating and making played a criucal role in the methodological approach of my work. I decided to use my PhD time to play with as many ideas and technologies as I could fit into my calendar. Consequently, a lot of projects became 'pet projects' (note the corresponding item on the menu), that is, fun endeavors that don't belong to my core thesis work.


Core projects of my PhD were:

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