Infomate Version 2 (2016-2017)

Infomate Version 2 is the latest prototype of my series of accessible computers. It seeks to provide computers as easy to operate as necessary by drawing on the Infobricks 'engine'. That is, accessible Infomate computers are created in a two-step process. Firstly, Infobricks is used as a prototyping toolkit to find a suitable design. Secondly, this design is transferred into a finalized Infomate implementation. The transition from step 1 to step 2 is relatively fast as the underlying technology of Infobricks (The Infobricks 'engine') can be used as a starting point or building blocks to establish the final Infomate system.

So far, I have created four accessible Infomate Version 2 computers (Infomate Version 1 is a former approach where I did not use the Infobricks 'engine' as a foundation). Besides being accessible, these computers have a variety of affordances or characteristics. For example, they feature distinct physical designs to fit into people's life. Three of them are comprised of computer and docking station, that is, people can take them and use the main component only (e.g., to take a photo).

Below there is a number of short videos of Infomate computers. These videos show (1) the use of quick access buttons, (2) additional assistance in the shape of an optional book which opens apps by flipping through it, (3) 'tool tips' on the back of the keyboard, (4) the detachment of the main module from the dock.






Related Research


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