Media Object (A.K.A. MEO; 2011-2013)

From the abstract of the paper referenced below:

The multimedia capabilities of mobile phones offer great potential for people to record experiences as digital resources for memories. However, there are a number of challenges around such systems relating to information overload and the effort to create order, the invisibility of digital resources, and supporting creativity and the (re)constructive nature of memory. In this article we report on the media object (MEO), a design concept for a new file format and associated research prototypes, for advancing an understanding of how people wish to record experiences with mobile phones. The MEO concept defines a container structure that invites the user to populate it with rich media. We report on field evaluations featuring 10 participants using MEO applications up to 28 weeks and reflect on the lessons learnt with the media object by referring to the identified challenges. The findings point to issues around creative or deliberate engagement in planning and capturing resources for memories, the cost of doing so and the rewards for those efforts.




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