WayKey Calendar Prototype (2018)

The motivation of the WayKey Project was to provide technological assistance to people with mild or beginning dementia to support them in organizing their life.

In the course of this project, I was commissioned to design a lucid physical calendar that could be used by senior people to plan their daily activites. The resulting calendar offers several time slots for magnetic signs to be snapped into them. These signs can be labelled with different names or activities. As they are 'smart' and have unique IDs, the calendar recognizes, which activities are snapped to it and posts this information to cloud services. Hence,  physical information about activities in the calendar is translated into digital events. This digital data is then provided to healthcare networks to support the senior user organizing his or her day (e.g., reminding the person of appointments etc.).

I created the smart calendar in three design iterations, successively exploring and debugging its functions. In this way, mid-fidelity prototypes could be demonstrated to senior users to obtain their feedback in order to refine design features. 

Demo video