Cuebe V2b Build Instructions

Bill of materials

  • 1x TCS3200D color sensor
  • 5x Neopixel ws2812b
  • 1x resistor 330 Ohms
  • 1x capacitor 1000 uF 6.3V
  • 2x Eneloop AAA
  • 1x battery holder for 2 AAA
  • 1x small on/off switch
  • 1x boost converter 5V
  • 2x push button. These fit into our STL model.
  • 1x charger for Eneloop batteries
  • 1x power jack for charger. We used a 5.5mm/2.1mm DC barrel plug
  • 1 x 6-pin stacking header
  • 4 x small skrews


Notes on pin connections

  • The switch should be connected to VCC battery, VCC In Boost, and VCC of the power jack. Put VCC in die middle so that the decive is shut off while charging. 
  • Connect VCC Out Boost and GND Boost to the Arduino's RAW and GND
  • Neopixels' Data line is connected to 300 Ohms and then to Arduino D11
  • Neopixels' VCC and GND is connected to the capacitor
  • The push buttons are connected to GND and D3
  • Colorsensor S3 goes to D7
  • Colorsensor S2 goes to D6
  • Colorsensor S0 goes to 5V
  • Colorsensor S1 goes to GND
  • Colorsensor VCC goes to D10
  • Colorsensor Out goes tp D8

Notes on the Arduino code

The Cuebe has to be calibrate before it can be used. Switch it on, put it on top of a piece of white paper and push the Cuebe for ten seconds or more, then release. Repeat this procedure with a piece of black paper or something black. The Cuebe blinks blueish to indicate that the settings have been saved and the device was calibrated successfully. You could now go to the code and comment the lines with "saveSettings()" to prevent the Cuebe from being calibrated accidentally. Calibration parameters are stored in EEPROM and don't get lost.

Time laps video of assembling


Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0)

Images from build process