TASK: The interactive Audience Sensor Kit (2015)

‘The interactive Audience Sensor Kit’ (TASK) is a modular system of wirelessly networked sensors that facilitates the augmentation of artistic performances, in particular, music events or visual art. It was conceived to enable low-level and low-cost audience interaction by offering a set of tracker-nodes to be arranged across the venue as demanded by the corresponding performance event. Currently, there are two TASK modules: (1) TASKswitch reacts to the presence of bodies acting as an on/off switch and thereby can be used to modify particular aspects of a performance. (2) TASKvector, on the other hand, enables more complex input by tracking movement among the audience. The modules were used to create interactive audio-visual experiences for the audience where projections were modulated by TASK (Salome Interactive Installation). In addition, TASK is currently used (in spring 2018) to study how visitors move in front of museums while investigating artwork in a cooperation with Uni Wien.


Video showing field deployment of TASKswitch and first impressions of TASKvector

This is a video showing the "Salome Experience", an live event where we deployed TASKswitch for the first time in order to test the system in the field.


Video showing early tests for synchronizing two Kinects for validating and enhancing TASKvector

Besides TASKswitch, we are developing TASKvector, a 250cm sensor bar with ultrasonic detectors. The videos below show 1) two Kinects synchronized and programmed to track people on the ground, 2) and a Matlab program designed to validate the tracked postitions.



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  • Güldenpfennig, F., Hödl, O., Reichl, P., Löw, C., Gartus, A., & Pelowski, M. (2016) TASK: Introducing the Interactive Audience Sensor Kit. Work-in-progress Paper accepted for TEI'16. PDF.