3D Printer and CNC Router

Tools for digital fabrication are fascinating enabling technologies which facilitate the design of interactive technologies and user experiences. In order to be able to create my prototypes I assembled my own 3D printing kit (Anycubic Prusa i3) as shown in the below video.

Lately, amateur CNC routers became available at a reasonable price as well, and therefore I also wanted to have my very own device. Please find below some images and demo videos of my CNC machine based on the Shapeoko. It took quite some time to assemble it or learn how to use it, and the device quickly became one of my favourite 'pet projects’. While this CNC is not targeted at a highly professional audience, it still enables us to perform a number of important and basic tasks in the prototyping process, for example, cutting wooden boxes as casings, engraving PCB circuits, plotting text and blueprints on larger scale, or cutting acrylics. In some situations, it can also replace typical lasercutting jobs, if such a machine should not be available.


Test Videos 3D-printer and CNC



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